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Project Wellspring:  Saint Andrews is the Airdrie Deanery pilot parish for Motherwell Diocese’s renewal project.  According to the plan there are five ways a parish can be renewed:  the first is LITURGY, by ‘ensuring high quality, dignified and engaging Masses and services, especially the Sunday Eucharist;’ the second is ADULT

FORMATION, by ‘offering opportunities for prayer and learning to deepen our understanding of the faith;’ the third is YOUTH FORMATION by ‘providing programmes of prayer, fellowship and learning for our young Catholics;’ fourth is POVERTY RELIEF by ‘ensuring we offer generous practical and material support to those most in need;’ and fifth is EDUCATION by supporting our Catholic schools to be nurturing environments fully alive with faith.’ How those objectives are achieved will differ from parish to parish according to resources and commitment levels.  We’re doing well in some areas.  But for all areas I’d like to put together groups of willing participants with new ideas and energy.  There are sign-up sheets at the back if you think you can contribute. 

Martin Cavanagh Funeral arrangements:  There will be a rosary for Martin in the family home at 7pm on Thursday 11th April, he will be received into the church at 6pm on Friday and his requiem mass will take place at 9.30am on Saturday.  


Holy Week and the Easter Triduum:  Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make the high point of our year so enjoyable.  The church was presented beautifully and the various ministries enhanced our Liturgies as they always do. 


Singing in Church:  This dovetails with objective one from the Wellspring model.  It’s essential we give as good an account of ourselves as possible so I’m looking for volunteers to bolster our Sunday choir who’ve carried the burden so long on their own.  There are good singers out there hiding in the congregation.  I can hear you!  So please come forward.  Even if you don’t consider yourself a particularly good singer you’re welcome.  All you need are the fundamentals i.e. listen to the person next to you, keep time with them and don’t drown them out, don’t change keys to a key you prefer, watch what’s going on at the altar so you don’t miss your cue or sing on past the part the hymn’s meant to cover. John Pitcaithly the diocesan music director has agreed to come out and give us the benefit of his expertise.  Forms at the back.


MUSIC CLUB:  Wednesday evenings from 6 pm.  Musicians sharing their talents and knowledge.  It isn't necessary to already have or play an instrument.  The love of music and companionship is enough.  Please contact James on 07772436704 or  Open to all.  

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