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ST ANDREWS PRIMARY ENROLEMENT MASSES FOR CONFIRMATIONS:  Saturday 11th November 4.30pm and Sunday 12th November 11am.

Month of the Holy Rosary:  We’ll continue to say a Rosary each weekday morning at 9.30am.  Everyone welcome.

Pope Francis October prayer intention:  That the church will adopt listening and dialogue as a style of life at every level, allowing herself to be guided by the Holy Spirit towards the world’s peripharies.


Monklands Hospital Eucharistic Ministers:  Fr McPhail is looking for volunteers to help with the distribution of Holy Communion in Monklands Hospital.  This is a rewarding and important ministry so if you’d like to be involved please don’t hesitate to come forward.

World Mission Sunday collection for Missio:  Thanks to everyone who donated.  Saint Andrew’s raised a total of £856.54.


Envelopes for month of the Holy Souls:  Can be found at the back of the church.  Please mark them ‘Holy Souls’ when you return them. Holy Mass is offered during November for the repose of the souls of all deceased priests who ministered in the parish and for the repose of the souls of deceased relatives and friends entered on your list.


Saint Andrew’s Parish mass of remembrance:  Wednesday 8th November at 7pm.  Candles will be lit for the deceased of the previous year.

FOOD BANK: Wednesday 3-4 PM in church hall.

MUSIC CLUB:  Wednesday evenings from 6 pm.  Musicians sharing their talents and knowledge.  It isn't necessary to already have or play an instrument.  The love of music and companionship is enough.  Please contact James on 07772436704 or  Open to all.  

SSVP Appeal for winter clothes:  Thanks to everyone who donated - including Bishop Toal.  The small sacristy was almost packed.


FOODBANK DONATIONS:  We are still seeing an increase in the number of vulnerable people using our foodbank.  As a result we are in urgent need of donations of non-perishable food items.  If you are in the position to do so donations can be left in the church porch.  Thank you.

Note about Bishop’s Visit:  Following Bishop Toal’s pastoral visit last week; in particular the remarks he made after both the Saturday vigil and Sunday masses, it’s necessary to clarify the situation as regards the future of St Andrew’s parish.  First of all, no matter what you may have heard, no decision has been taken to close us down.  Yes, we have challenges to address.  As the Bishop pointed out work needs to be done on the buildings here to bring them up to an acceptable standard. For example, the church wiring has to be looked at and we need a new gas boiler.  However, we have total funds of £75,000 available which should be sufficient to do the necessary work.  Once a more efficient boiler is installed there will also be a reduction in operating costs so the surplus of income over expenditure which is currently running at £5,000 per year should increase.  Things are getting very expensive as the Bishop said.  We have to be careful to get the best possible value for our limited funds.  And with that in mind a Buildings Committee made up of parishioners with relevant expertise has been formed.  This group is responsible for recent improvements such as to the driveway around the church, the roof and the guttering.  Moreover, testimonials have been provided to the Bishop from stakeholders such as Mrs Flanagan, the primary head teacher, users of the foodbank and many others who benefit from the continued flourishing of the parish.  There are obstacles to overcome, no doubt.  But if we work together and stay positive we can get through this.  The key to everything is to commit the future to God, in prayer and by our continued attendance at mass and engagement in the sacraments.  I want to thank everyone who’s supported us in this way for so long.  It’s thanks to you we’re still in business. 

Fr Bruce.


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