There will be a team of volunteers at each mass to guide you to your seat, light candles, control the procession for Holy Communion (which will take place at the end of mass), and assist you as you leave.   Only those from the same household are allowed to sit together or come within 2 meters of each other.  Everyone is required to wear a mask (which they must provide for themselves).

The mass itself will be shorter and take a different form in order to limit the risk of transmitting Coronavirus from person to person.  For example, there will be no public singing - Fr McPhail may sing a verse of a hymn on his way to the sanctuary but please don't join in.  There will be no 'sign of peace,' there will be no reception of Holy Communion on the tongue.  When you arrive at the front to receive Communion please extend your arms fully so there's as much distance between you and the priest as possible then step at least two paces to the right to consume the Host.  Moving to the right gives you the option of leaving either by the sacristy door or continuing to the back of the church and leaving from there.


Collections will be taken up in grey bins at the beginning and end of mass (orange containers for SVDP).  

Thanks to everyone for your patience in waiting for the Church to re-open.  There's light at the end of the tunnel but we still need to be vigilant.  Please follow the guidance so we can ensure each other's safety. 

St Andrew's
R.c Church

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St. Andrew's R.C. Church,

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