Increase in Numbers allowed to attend public mass: With physical distancing rules now allowing separate bubbles to be within one meter of each other the capacity of the church has increased to accommodate up to 44 bubbles, each with a capacity of 4. This means that for the time being it will no longer be necessary to double up on our Saturday Evening Vigils or Sunday Morning Masses.  So from Saturday 24th July we will have only one vigil - at 5.30pm, and only one Sunday morning mass - at 11.00am

Statue of Saint Andrew Fund: We now have a fund of £1,100 with which to buy our Statue of Saint Andrew.  

I'm looking for volunteers to form a small committee so we can plan what to do next.  If you have any expertise or experience in this area please get in touch - even if you have a good eye for these things, you'd be very welcome.  Ideally our statue will be something we can all enjoy and be proud of.  

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