Increase in Numbers allowed to attend public mass: From Monday 26th April the attendance at regular masses is set according to how many people the church can accommodate while observing the 2m rule.


(Attendance at Funerals, weddings and Baptisms is increased to 50). 

TUESDAY 25th MAY: Due to confirmations requiring three masses (the canonical limit) there will be no public mass on the morning of 25th May.


Statue of Saint Andrew Fund: We now have a fund of £1,100 with which to buy our Statue of Saint Andrew.  

I'm looking for volunteers to form a small committee so we can plan what to do next.  If you have any expertise or experience in this area please get in touch - even if you have a good eye for these things, you'd be very welcome.  Ideally our statue will be something we can all enjoy and be proud of.  

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