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FOOD BANK:  Each Wednesday we will be distributing food from the Hall from 3pm until 4pm.  

SCHOOLS MASS:  This Friday 1st April mass will be led by the primary four children of Saint Andrew's school.  It's a First Friday mass and the theme will be 'peace.'

Confessions:  9.15-9-45am Saturday morning, 3.45-4.15pm Saturday Evening.

Our Lady of Fatima made a request that the faithful observe 5 consecutive First Saturdays making reparations for sin.  On each of those days we're asked to:

1. Say a Rosary

2. Meditate on the mysteries for an additional fifteen minutes.

3. Go to confession.

4. Go to mass and receive the Eucharist.

Following Pope Francis's consecration of Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (in accordance with Our Lady of Fatima's request, we can take these additional steps to pray for peace.

TEA IN HALL: Sunday 3rd April after 11am mass.  Organised by St Andrew's Primary Parent Council.  Featuring Easter Bunny.

MUSIC CLUB:  Wednesday evenings from 6pm.  In the great Celtic tradition this will be a 'Come all ye,' club, with musicians sharing their talents and knowledge.  It isn't necessary to already have or play an instrument.  The love of music and companionship is enough.  Please contact Jim on 07772436704 or  THIS IS OPEN TO EVERYONE.  

SUNDAY MASS OBLIGATION:  Health permitting the Sunday Obligation is back in place.

Bubbles:  Given current and projected Covid infection rates are still high we will keep certain safeguards in place for the time being.

Those attending mass will be asked to stay in designated spaces.

Everyone must wear a mask unless they have a medical exemption.

The sign of Peace is to be kept within bubbles - a nod to a neighbour outside of your bubble will have to suffice for the moment.

We have an elderly congregation and while the current strain seems to be slightly less dangerous we must protect everyone as best we can.

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